Writing Skill Benefits in Monetizing Blog

Writing Skill Writing skill is important for a blogger who wants to monetize blog.As I have mentioned that monetize blog is not only to sell products and services but you still have moral obligation to provide information or knowledge for people who visit your blog. Otherwise the visitors will leave your blog and never comeback again.

Being successful in online business requires good ability in writing skill. When you are excellent in writing, it will result in nice reading articles. Not every person is granted with excellent competency in writing. It sometimes requires long-term experience and trial error typed learning for finally … Read more

Importance of Technical Capability in Monetizing Blog

Technical CapabilityTechnical capability is needed in monetizing blog, starting from establishing blogs, operate it and writing the article, promoting the blog and other activities. They remain applying their capability during their blogging.This capabilty should be increased by lots of practicing.

Technical capability is basically the application of science/knowledge  that have been owned by a blogger who got from reading books or literature or knowledge gained from the internet.

A blogger who wants to succeed in monetize blog is not enough justto read the theory but also be able to apply for operating the blog.The more often he/she is applying the theory which has owned the more he/she will increase his/her skills in operating the blog

Some of the technical capabilities that must be owned by a blogger are as follows:1. Ability to establish a blog and install all the applications required by blog, among others:

  • Download various plugin and upload them into the
  • Read more

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