Secret of Unique Content in Monetizing a Blog

Unique ContentUnique content is a group of articles that could differ your site with the other site. The topic of an article maybe the same but the style and how to write a unique content maybe different so that unique content will attract the visitor to read it.

Content means something contained inside. If I may give an example it’s similar with the birth day prizes. Naturally, a gift is square shapes. When someone gives you a different shape and different from others we can see that it is unique.  What you are thinking if you find things and that is … Read more

Benefits of SEO Articles in Monetizing a Blog

SEO Articles SEO Articles are articles written by a blogger by using SEO guidance and or SEO Tools.

As we know that every people who needs information for their references they will use search engine to find out what they are looking for. Due to the time limitation most them will only look up the first or second page of the whole search engine pages. That is why the writer or the sites owner try every effort to make their articles show up at the first page or second one.

The purpose of  SEO articles itself is to place web sites into … Read more

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