Monetize Blog Needs 5 Working Attitude

Monetize BlogMonetize Blog Needs at least 5 Working Attitudes as an essential element before starting to establish a blog to earn money. The five working attitude that must be owned by a blogger who will monetize his/her blogs are hard work, perseverance, tenacity, discipline and patience.

1. Hard working. I is the most important element in monetizing blog. In the first phase of monetize blog he/she has to establish blog with a good niche and domain name, strong and sturdy hosting, nice theme in term of SEO friendly theme, speed loading time, etc. Having establishing blog, he/she then starting to write … Read more

Is SEO Friendly Article a Killer Article ?

SEO Friendly ArticleSEO Friendly Article is an article that using SEO paradigm during writing process in term of its title, number and dissemination of keyword, heading, url, meta, description, image, internal and external link and so on.

SEO Friendly Article as the other way to make money is needed by some blogger. This kind of article is a machine that used to find article in internet. The purpose of SEO article itself is to place web sites into a top position so that the traffic of the blog will increase. By writing SEO Friendly Article you are indeed providing a killer article … Read more

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