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Is SEO Friendly Article a Killer Article ?

SEO Friendly ArticleSEO Friendly Article is an article that using SEO paradigm during writing process in term of its title, number and dissemination of keyword, heading, url, meta, description, image, internal and external link and so on.

SEO Friendly Article as the other way to make money is needed by some blogger. This kind of article is a machine that used to find article in internet. The purpose of SEO article itself is to place web sites into a top position so that the traffic of the blog will increase. By writing SEO Friendly Article you are indeed providing a killer article for the visitors.

For the purpose of monetize blog, the web site that stands on the top has big opportunity to get many viewers. As the development of internet world as business media, the need of the SEO actually raised also. Standing in the top position will increase the chance of a marketing company web based to get new customers. This opportunity is fortunate by another side to get new customers.

Business and SEO services are develop as the growth of web, that cause a site must work harder to make his or her site found easier by the searcher inside million of sites around the world that stands as his or her competitor. The SEO is the main door, because the internet user cannot remember a million of web name, as the substitute, the internet users use the live hood from Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. by those thing that is way SEO friendly articles can be used as one way to find something in internet world.

Benefits of SEO Friendly Article

Being the top in position or as the first page for searching for certain subject gives the double advantages for the company as the marketing via internet. They have more big opportunity to the viewers to visit their pages. They indirectly rose from the viewers become the buyer. The Site Standing in the top giving a good reputation by the site to the visitors. SEO friendly article as general do not find the advantages directly from the result of organic searching. Their effort comes from advertisement that acts in the top position or besides the organic searching machine system.

Many people used SEO  article as another way to make money in sites world. We can get more than money actually; we can get experience thorough this activity. But it should remembered that during monetize blog you are not only selling products or services but also to provide useful information so that visitor keep visiting your blog. This is the importance of killing article which w I called it a SEO Friendly Article in nature.

Based on the official escort, SEO friendly article is not illegal technique as long as follows the ethics and also the stand rules of it. Those thing guarantees that each site has their same opportunity by the visitors and also for the rank objectively. Whereas this thing determine sites which is deserve to read or look by the visitors. The sites must have the quality and also advantages to the visitors.

Last, in this article the writer shows you a side in the term of web or internet world. By using SEO friendly article, we are not only getting the advantages in the name of money but also in the name of science. In the very first place in beginning of this article, the writer already shows a high definition of the SEO friendly articles itself. In addition, the writer tells you about the usage of searching machine.

In friendly way that search machine help us as the internet users, web users or even blogger get fortunate thing through SEO friendly article. This is the best way for you to get index your blog to Google.

SEO Friendly Article could become a Killer Article.

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