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Benefits of Google Keyword Search in Monetizing a Blog

Google Keyword SearchGoogle Keyword Search is important in keyword selection. Keyword selection means selecting word to make that word as a key of your writing.

I just visit Google Adwords and the type a keyword, click exact which on the sidebar and then many keywords show up.

As we know that Keyword is a collection of words that used to make something. You can find keyword when you are register into a kind of web, such as Yahoo, Face Book, YouTube and etc. Those internet webs used collection of word to create a specific account that help user to use their own … Read more

Secret of Unique Content in Monetizing a Blog

Unique ContentUnique content is a group of articles that could differ your site with the other site. The topic of an article maybe the same but the style and how to write a unique content maybe different so that unique content will attract the visitor to read it.

Content means something contained inside. If I may give an example it’s similar with the birth day prizes. Naturally, a gift is square shapes. When someone gives you a different shape and different from others we can see that it is unique.  What you are thinking if you find things and that is … Read more

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