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How to Select Domain Name

Domain NameDomain name is one important element in order to monetize blog.

There are many experts who recommend that the domain name already contained a good keywords so the blog will be in the top position in the eyes of search engines. It would be nice if the domain name is already leading to niche blogs so that visitors can already guess that name will reflect on what topics are covered in these blogs.

To select the best domain name you’d better conduct a research to collect some keywords that match with your niche blog. Pick up at least 3-5 keywords … Read more

The Importance of Niche Blog in Monetizing Blog

Niche BlogNiche blog is important to monetize blog since this is long term project which needs smart consideration before establishing blog.

As I mentioned on the previous post that monetize blog needs at least 5 working attitudes as an essential element before starting to establish a blog to earn money. The five working attitude that must be owned by a blogger who will monetize her/his blog are hard work, perseverance, tenacity, discipline and patience. Lack of these 5 working attitude could make a blogger collapse in term of stop blogging or at least being bored.

┬áTo make you enjoy blogging and … Read more

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